What will the new normal be? A poem by Cathal Mac Thréinfhir

When the personal protection
is no longer needed.

When the gloves and the masks,
have been been bunched
and discarded.

Will distance become
more than just social,
when we no longer can
mask the true space between us?

Will we search for new ways,
of living together,
of seeing ourselves,
as planetary beings?

Tempered by common,
heart and mind,
sharing in harmony,no

longer bound by,
flags and by borders,
no longer slave,to
the fear of ‘the other’,all

meaningless to the virus,
as it scythed it’s way
through us:
leaving Humanity on it’s knees
before it’s unrelenting onslaught.

What will the new normal be
when the virus has been tamed?


Will we return to?

Business as usual.

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  1. Excellent prose. The new normal is infected with more questions than answers.

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