We’re Cultivating Love. A poem by Barry Kenna

We picked a patch of land

Where the love might grow

We checked the terrain

And we took a soil sample

Before we picked the rocks

And planted our seeds.

We knew storms would come

But we had built walls

To protect our harvest.

We tended them daily

And hoped for sun.

To cultivate love you need

Care, patience, temperance

And a watchful heart

You must adapt to seasons

To weather, to soil.

It takes work

But work is honest

The harvest brings love a plenty

And we reap what we sow.

Any excess love is distributed

To those who have none.

Many harvests from now

We will give the land to you

Where a field already protected

And without rocks

Will cultivate love for you.

I write poems, short stories and opinion pieces. One day I will write a script (play/film). I am interested in politics, while many people view formal politics as something outside of themselves, it can still affect our daily lives. I love art of all kinds and appreciate it as a means for us to understand our own world or reconcile ourselves with things we don’t understand through our imagination. Like casting a net into the abyss, who knows what we’ll drag back in: a painting that captures a feeling/moment more than words, a poem which exposes the values we live by, or an obscure piece of music/song that pulls on the heartstrings or makes you sit up and go.. ‘oh whats that!?’

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