Weathering the Storm. A poem by Dave Rendle

We are driven by diversion, waves of rumination
There are masterclasses in everyday,
Music of life and death, humanity still dancing
Our different languages, not constrained by time,
Despite distance, the universe is still singing
Beyond the bleakness, of our tired days,
All of our grieving, in transience
We can still play games of freedom,
With colors of memory and survival
Push away the handcuffs of despair,
Transform the darkness into light
With hurried breaths, waving not drowning,
Where mercy delivers interludes of pause
On every battlefield, the release of senses,
As our days breaks, get torn into pieces
Amid the flurry of sombre thoughts,
Our worries and rages, collectively itching
Banks of respite, full of conjured navigation,
We keep enduring despite the weeping
From deep within, release restorative seeds,
To scatter and shatter what is lost
We have no choice, but to try and carry on,
Tracing the patterned stars above
Carrying dreams and hopes that sustain,
Against the winds rattling all around
The struggles that pour over the earth,
The myriad sensations of ingenuity echo
Releasing richest thoughts, filled with self worth.


Just an individual based in West Wales, I follow freedoms breath and international solidarity.

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