Virus! A poem by Pat Potter

Out of China, news of deaths received with consternation.
A deadly virus on the rampage? We need affirmation.
Surely this can’t concern us. That’s not our expectation.
Our British lives continue without any alteration.
Going shopping, meeting friends, there is no hesitation.
A week goes by but now the news provides more information.
We have cases of the virus. It’s COVID infiltration.
But still, the ministers shake hands: they think there’s no foundation
that COVID 19’s coming here; no need for legislation.
But deaths and cases all increase, we’re feeling desperation.
Then comes lock-down. Stay at home to stop more infiltration.
No going for coffee with your mates brings severe indignation.
Do not cough and sneeze on others, that’s the proclamation.
Stand at least two metres distant. What a situation!
No hugs and kisses for the family. We need determination
to fight the virus. Please be wary; keep your motivation.
Twelve weeks of this! But now the rules can have some relaxation
‘cos deaths are down and we can meet outside; what jubilation!
Our lives have changed until a vaccine brings us liberation.
So keep alert and don’t give in to maudlin desperation.
The sun still rises every morning. Cause for great elation!
The new norm’s here; we must embrace it for our own salvation.
Come serve the wine, enjoy good things! Make life a new sensation!

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