Under-lying symptoms. A poem by Bee Rock Steady

They’re still capitalists
in the midst
of the apocalypse.

Lack of info
turns this into
more of a ShitShow.

Lazy fucks
just passing the buck.

What’s the story behind the story?

Am I insane
to complain
about the technological pain?

Using humans
as tools for musing.
All for profit.

Our eye sockets,
glued to pocket devices
and tv screens.

Words that are carefully cured.
It’s so fucking absurd!

Line the streets
with technology
that seeps
into our breathing
and causes



Bee Rock Steady is an artist, poet, musician, social justice warrior, and anarchist. Born and raised in northern Ontario, she eventually moved south to earn a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Loyalist College, Belleville. She now resides in the Ottawa Valley where she slings books at a library and coordinates community programs. Bee is the founder of the underground/offline art ‘zine Stay Free, and the host of Valley Voices Literary Reading Series. She enjoys gardening, words that sound like they rhyme but don’t, and helping the poor, hungry, broken, and forgotten.

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