”Today We’ll Deal with Loneliness”. A poem by Frank Holt

Imagine the fear of isolation
Imagine a deafening silence
Imagine a global suffering
Imagine the absence of laughter
Imagine outstretched arms
Imagine the flight of a global might
Imagine today.

How vulnerable our whole carousel
How trembling the pounding fear
How powerful the whispered prayers
How beautiful life’s fragrant blessings
How soothing the presence of unwavering love
How frightening each day with a world in decay
How to fathom the end of eternity.

Together we’ll seep through the darkness
Together we’ll taste the encroaching light
Together the emergence of indestructible hope
Together we’ll reach for God-sent release
Together the bonding of humanity
Together we’ll rise towards mystical skies
Together, yet always alone.

Today we’ll deal with loneliness
Today the humbled sheltered life
Soon the dance of time unleashed
Soon the unfolding of miracles
Soon the joy of a relieving sigh
Soon the race for a human embrace
Soon my friend……you and I.


Hi, I’m a 67 year old native Dubliner living in Portland, Oregon.This is my first submission to Pendemic. My work has been published in The Irish Times etc. plus many journals within Ireland and the US. In 2015 I published a book of poetry titled ”Swaggerin’ Beneath the Dublin Skies”. [available via Amazon.]. Best wishes with your wonderful concept of preserving the sentiments of this Covid nightmare for future generations. Slan agus beannacht, Frank Holt.


  1. Love your poem Frank Tess Dublin

  2. Wonderful prose

  3. Frank, your poetry brings so much relevance to what the world has been experiencing since this pandemic unexpectedly struck; not least for those in 3 Irish counties who again went into lockdown last night. Also for the guy living on his own in UK who has spoken to 5 people since Feb. Loved his job as a self- employed tour guide but not now entitled to Covit benefits. Every day becomes a greater mental struggle with light at end of the tunnel increasingly reducing.

  4. Frank … As always, you are the Word Wizard… I’m in Socorro, NM, living w’ 2 dogs and a cat, on Facebook but it seems like you’re not… We MUST connect … Text … Talk … Glad to see you’ve survived COVID.

    1. Hi Donna, I just saw your kind comments about my Covid poem today.I’m not on Facebook.Presently in Loreto Baja with Eileen(34 years married) and dog Benny.So wonderful to see your name on the phone.My memories of Boston are precious.I hope you’re healthy, happy and enjoying life.We’re living in Portland Or. Would love to catch up on last 40 years.
      Phone 971.335.1074
      Email. gratefulbed@gmail.com
      Cheers, Frank.

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