To the Motivational Speaker Posting to Instagram. A poem by Eoin Rogers

Unfortunately I am not useful, fit, or driven.
I will not learn a language in spare time
or attempt to better myself over the coming days
in any conceivable or worthwhile way
— why bother trying to improve
something so deviously weak,
so flawed and fragile in its inception?
I was not born to run.
My sight is weak, I squint,
posture wilted from a desk job.
I’m old enough to value anonymity
and solitude, and appreciate the vessel
that I journey in despite a tendency to list
and more than a few ungainly bulwarks.
Send out the best framed photographs
of a sleek new hairdo, fashionable glasses,
a jet-set itinerary including samba lessons
on a beach flooded with apricot light
but neither one of us will deny infirmity,
sanded or not all ships will come to port.
I’ll leave you to your posts, will keep my eye fixed
on the sky between the chimney pots
and wait for the moments when I feel like you
suddenly brilliant, purposeful, engaged.


I’ve just been reading some of the posts on the site as well about the reason behind why the site was set up. There’re a lot of different resources popping up at the moment, many gaining widespread coverage with the somewhat unwieldy momentum that’s possible via social media. This site feels a lot more relaxed though, set at a much softer clip, and it’s been pleasant picking up with some of the work posted, so thanks for the effort in making it all happen.

Above is a poem I wrote based on the experience, if not explicitly about it, of quarantine. I hope you enjoy reading it. I hope too you’re all well and safe and not too stressed by everything that’s going on in these unprecedented times. Stay safe and well – Eoin

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