To all you future readers. A letter by Sheila Doyle

Dear Future Reader,

I have no idea what your life is like as you read this letter. Do you drive your car? or does it drive itself? do you have contact with people? or do you live in your very own bubble? do you go to the shops? school? the pub or clubs?

As I write I do not yet know the outcome of the COVID 19 virus, will we succeed in fighting it or will viruses become part of the future? I do hope that shops, pubs and schools as we know them do not become a thing of the past.

When we heard about the pandemic, it was a shock, how could our generation who have really not known the hardship of famine (well in the western world at least) or wars be faced with a pandemic? we are faced with the possibility of losing our loved ones and economic turmoil like we have never known it before. In the early days, we stockpiled food and fuel, some shop shelves left empty. People now with more time on their hands began to grow their own, paint their own and tidy their gardens.

Suddenly families have more time for each other, whether that was a good thing or a bad thing will only come out in the future. Kids suddenly did not have to go to school and mums who usually busy themselves with the drop-offs, the pick-ups the hobbies and coffee meets all of a sudden had time to look at themselves. Groceries were sanitised and quarantined. Everything changed.

I have only one message to deliver to all you future readers, it was not that bad, I and lots of people began to like this way of isolation where we were given the opportunity to be at one with the birds, the wildflowers and given space to think and just be…….

Will things ever be back to the way they were? we have been cautioned, for us life will never be the same but there is only one thing that is certain… Change

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