Timeless Tale. A poem by Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha

The walls of time stood still
Watching emotions circle
In the turbulent mill
A continuous, hopeless din

Empty benches in hospitals
Became witness to
Those who died gasping
For air that is supposedly free

How will we honour their memory?
Love, goodness must continue
Evil go and filter off, yes it will
I must believe

Respect for each one to rule
Hearts of those who live today
Let not Covid anyone befool
Countries be united in the play

Health, happiness come back
In the new world we sway
Honouring the dead
Supporting the alive

We will find a new way.


I paint, write poetry, short stories and articles in anthologies and online forums. My book “Dream Keeper A Poetography Ensemble”, was published in November 2019. Website is http://www.binko.in

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