Three Good Things by Aoife Nally

I was asked to think of three good things and my first thought was this… how could I stop at just three things? This is new to me, so let’s see…

Fresh farm eggs from an Amish homestead
Taste the life right out of the shell

There was a time when I was struggling to think of one good thing…
One good thing…

Fresh carrots covered in dirt for sale at the side of the road.

How did we take food so for granted?

I let migrant workers slave without a second thought.

There are just so many people to thank right now.

Essential workers.

What was essential before this?

I didn’t take a second look at the woman scanning my goods before… I didn’t notice if she smiled or not.
Did I even make eye contact?

Now that our masks cover our words, have half hidden our smile in disposable wrappers, I notice how bright her eyes are… how defiantly she has decided to come to the supermarket to make sure I eat tonight.

She has a family too; she has the same right to defend her body against this as I do.

She is far braver than me, scurrying from the front lines back to my urban warren.

I see these generous people trying to be so patient as they push away the pushy unaware hoarders…

“Please Ma’am, I’m trying to distance. Please!”

How are people still not thinking of others?

Three good things:
Food and

Three things I didn’t think I could live without

I know that now
Had to have them threatened to know that
I’ll list them every night if I have to
So I never take them for granted again.

Aoife Nally April 2020

Aoife Nally… Visual and performance artist of Irish descent living and working in London, UK. Currently grounded in Canada, safe and sound with family.

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