So the waiting is over, the future pat h of 60,000 young adults has been decided at the stroke of a pen.
1 . It’s for your own good
2. You must be protected.
3. It would not be safe to allow the examination to proceed.
4. We will do what is best for you.
You will thank us in the end we feel sure.

Oh we know all of the years of work that you have put in for this examination. The endless nights and long weekends of swotting to make  sure that you get your best result. After all your very future is depending on these results. Now it seems that it has all been done for nothing, be cause someone somewhere has decided that it is not safe.
Let me tel l that someone something ‘LIFE IS NOT SAFE’. These young adults deserve their chance. They deserve the right to decide their futures. They alone should be given the chance to achieve their goals. ‘What of their safety’ I hear you cry. How can we protect them.
‘Protect them’ I answer ‘These young adults are the future of our nation. They should not be afraid to overcome dangers in the ir future. There will always be dangers out there. Every time you take to t he road there is danger. You cannot protect yourself by staying in bed ‘SAFE’.
In every town in this country there are very large rooms, Sports Halls, Assembly Rooms, Bingo Halls, Dance Halls and Hotel Function Rooms. These should all be used where necessary to provide the necessary Safe Distancing for the examination seating. Let our Garda, Fire Brigade Personnel and Civil servants control the social distancing of the parents and others outside of the examining rooms.
Ok so it will take a lot of organising, get down to it, get on with it and let these young adults have their say and their day.

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