This Virus Doesn’t Care Who You Are. An Essay by Adam Gretton

This virus doesn’t care who you are.

This virus doesn’t care what colour your skin is. This virus doesn’t care what set of genitalia you have. This virus doesn’t care what set of genitalia you are attracted to. This virus doesn’t care which side of that imaginary border you’re on. It doesn’t care which school you go to, what car you drive or how trendy your clothes are. This virus doesn’t care how popular you are, what you look like or how you sound. It doesn’t care if all your senses work, whether you have all your faculties or how intelligent you are.

This virus doesn’t care what sport you’re into, which team you support or who you like to hang out with. It doesn’t care if you own, rent or are without a home. It doesn’t care if you are addicted to drugs, your body is a temple or anything in-between. This virus doesn’t care if you are into grime, house music or baroque. It doesn’t care if you drive a 4WD, ride a bike or pogostick. It doesn’t care if you’re a human trafficker, traffic warden or health minister.

Maybe through all this craziness, this horrendous situation can help us realise we are one race. We are one species. We are one humanity. There is so much more that makes us the same, than there is that divides us.

Maybe through all of this, we can just be a little bit kinder, that little bit more patient and that little bit more understanding of our fellow humans … What a ripple effect that would have, what a brighter future we could all look towards as we fight our way through this situation and out the other side.
The clear water and air of Venice

I also see how us slowing down is having a positive effect on the world through a huge reduction in climate emissions and pollution. Most of you will have seen the images of Venice blossoming with the clear waters, clear air and return of dolphins and swans. Can we reimagine our futures just slightly to hold onto this reduction in pace for the sake of our climate?

Other than everyone’s health, these are my best hopes for the situation we find ourselves in.

What are yours?

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