This Poem is a Kiss by Annette Skade

This poem is a kiss:
the lightest peck on
cheek, forehead, eyelids,
the end of your nose,
a brushing of lips,
of fingertips. This poem
is a kiss.

This poem is a hug,
the it’s-been-so-long kind,
one that sweeps you off your feet,
holds you in its arms like
you were made of eggshell,
cradles you, snuggles up.
This poem is a hug.

If this poem is heavy,
it is only with the weight
of a toddler in the lap,
a singsong rhyme
dandled on your knee,
a swing up high into the air,
of a piggy-back.

This poem pampers you,
lotions and potions you,
dabs scent behind your ears,
gently combs your hair for you,
lifts the world from your shoulders,
rubs your hands to keep them warm.
This poem gives you a manicure.

This poem is a kiss.


Annette Skade is from Manchester and has lived on the Beara peninsula for many years. She is currently completing a PhD on the poetry of Anne Carson at Dublin City University. She was particularly thinking of people cocooning when she wrote this poem. Her poetry collection Thimblerig was published in 2013. She is published in Ireland, the U.K. the U.S. and Australia and has won and been placed in several international poetry competitions.

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