Things I Discovered in Covid Time. A poem by Bernie Crawford

that the toaster has a tiny tray underneath
to collect crumbs
that I can remove the mop head and replace it
from a pack I found under the sink
that the sound of children playing is beautiful
that a freshly cleaned window pours sunlight
into my morning coffee
that it’s coffee that gets me out of bed these mornings
that some evenings, as the light fades, loneliness
like the slow flow from a wax honeycomb, trickles
all over me and some evenings it sticks
that grouting between tiles comes up white
with bleach disinfectant
that lighting a candle in the window at night fall
is my way of saying you’re not alone
that Tina Turner is simply
the best dance music
that our skin needs other skins
that I do have regrets
that milk freezes
that when all the frozen milk is gone the coconut-almond
you left in the fridge tastes good too
that blowing kisses at a screen is full of loss
that closing the garden gate gives a sense of security
that doing yoga on my own can be fun
that these nights I sleep in a tight foetal curl
that Harper, the family canine, is my buoyancy aid
and that tubs of tulips can double dazzle colour all over my day


Bernie Crawford’s poetry has been published extensively including in New Irish Writing in the Irish Times, Poetry Ireland Review, the North magazine, Mslexia, Stony Thursday Book among others. A selection of her poetry is featured in The Blue Nib Chapbook 3. She is on the editorial board of Skylight 47.

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