There Will Be Time and Night Prayer in Covid 19. Two poems by Mary Napier

There Will Be Time

There will be time to clear the air
and let the ozone layer repair.
To plant a seed and see it grow
hear birds sing and cattle low.

Relax in the garden and take the sun
admire the view, drink tea, eat buns
tidy the house room by room
and teleconference events on Zoom.

In these days, as we isolate at home
we have time to contemplate alone
to think of kith and kin, far and near
and pray COVID 19 will disappear.

Then when normal life restarts
take care of the planet, play your part
plan your time, take a breath
protect all species on the earth

Night Prayer in Covid 19

Traditionally we went to church, to hear your message and to pray
Until Covid 19 arrived, to protect the nation, we had to stay away
Satan started laughing, but we remembered you, and what you said
“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

We found it exceedingly difficult as we sat at home cocooned
But you are always with us, and would not leave us marooned
Technology came to our rescue, in the teleconference app Zoom
And now each night at 8pm we pray as a group in our own rooms

Father reads a piece from the Gospel and one of us reads a psalm
We pray for our intentions and it gives us a sense of calm
We remember those who have passed, and hear of new arrivals
Ask God to protect our loved ones, and pray for their survival

Each night our prayers end with Regina Coeli sung by Josephine
The Latin hymn dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Heaven’s Queen
As we come to the end of our day, our night prayer fills us with joy
Then all our mics are unmuted so, we can say “Good night John boy!”


Mary Napier holds a Masters in Social Science. Recently she has written prose and poetry mostly about Sociological Issues, for pleasure.

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