Then and now- then what? A poem by Barbara Derbyshire

Remember life as it was?
The gathering of my tribe to read or write together
To drink tea and eat a meal.
The feeling of freedom as car doors slam and friends
Run towards each other?
The ready smile always playing on my lips,
to cement a joke or just to demonstrate my love
is reluctant to show itself at the moment.
In the shops, I turn my head when another approaches me.
I face the shelves or the freezers, I wear my mask.
My physical mask.
Do my eyes show sadness or frustration if anyone does
make contact with them?
My hands are gloved and there is
nothing sexy in the latex.
There is a force holding me back
from my instincts
to touch
to hug
to hold.
Covid-19 you will haunt me for a long time.
The separation which you viciously impose
is threatening to make me a different person.
Once you have had your fun and turned the world asunder
Once you have left to go off mutating into something worse
Once human kind is too scared of normal
Dare I dream to even dream of a time when
It’s okay…
…it’s okay to love again.


I am a short story writer and poet and have published two books, “Tapestry of Love, Life and Spirit” (2016) and “Leaving Echoes” (2019).

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  1. Your poetry expresses a soul of feeling similar to my own. Someone who writes for the pleasure it gives them. Someone who is not afraid of expressing themselves and cares not what others might think. If they like it ‘fine’. If not that is ‘Fine’ also. One can never hope to please everybody and in the end the only one that we want to please is ourselves.

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