The Wings of Time. A Poem by Lucia Browne

As we cleared our clutter
Baked our cakes
Walked within the 2kilometre radius
Crossed the road as strangers approached, and queued to shop, yes we queued to shop.

Surely the time will come
To kiss and cuddle the ones we miss the most.
The little ones who had to learn to be
Quiet as parents tried to work
From home.
They didn’t understand the new

This is no fun, this is no one’s
Hope! Springs eternal for the new dawn.
When there will be time
For our Angel’s to go back to what
Gives them their wings,
And they can fly once more.

I am enjoying creative writing. I have posted a poem before on Pendemic


  1. Well done Lucia…
    For shining a light on this strange world we witness to. The little ones we all miss so much….

  2. Brilliant Lou, n plenty of time for HUGS

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