The Viral Equinox. A poem by Eilín de Paor

We skipped spring that year –
clinging to wool fleece and chunky knits
as long as we could,
cotton jersey needing meadow runs
and dew-soaked runner-swish.

Flowers didn’t grieve –
they burst out plumper than ever,
basking in all that extra air and sun.
Bees busied busier than before.
The Earth breathed deeper –
the corset of commerce slackening,
for now.

It might have felt a peaceful time,
but for the gulls
casing the streets all hours
in cantankerous gangs griping
the lack of chip dinner leavings
and breakfast baguette ends.

The gulls weren’t pleased,
but at least they had wings
to rise above the reach
of the 6pm Angelus gongs –
heralding announcement
of each day’s fresh death count.


Eilín de Paor is an emerging Dublin poet. A latecomer to writing, she works in services for with people with disabilities. She was selected to participate in The Stinging Fly Summer School 2019. Her poems have featured on the Algebra of Owls and The Organic Poet websites. She can be found on Twitter #bitofapoem

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