The time of dark. A poem by Noah Caball

It is the time of dark,
when you need your spark.

To light the way
all night and day.

You shout and shout
right into a cave

This not the way
I’m going in to my grave!

Then you sit down
on an old lonely stone

and your legs and your stomach
are starting to moan.

And you say to yourself
why should I do any more?

Not like the first time
you opened your door.

You opened the door for
adventure you seek

like the top of Mount Everest
the very top peak.

You had no worries
right into your heart.

But that was way way
back at the start

So even when
your ripped down to your jeans

Keep trying
that’s what it means.


Noah is an eight-year-old Skerries boy. He loves reading, writing, daydreaming and poetry. This is his first fully formed poems that flowed during his time at home under lockdown in June 2020.

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  1. Well done Noah !

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