The Picture. A poem by Angie Smith

It takes more than hand gel to make you well

And a trolley full of stuff’s no solution

When you’re cramming that extra tin through the till

Who will really be paying the bill?

Is it the old face peeking through the window?

With a pension that’s gone by midweek

There’ll be no stockpiling there in her little larder

Now greed’s just made her life a bit harder

‘Cause someone said ‘oh we’ll all run out’

Mass panic ensuing, doom surely brewing

Life’s all very well in our own little bubble

Then trouble seems so far away

But look through that window, a tired face is seeking

A small bit of kindness, a point to the day


Cork born and bred, now living in England, I started a facebook page to just put some poems out there, I’ve always loved writing, have done a bit of copywriting and comedy writing too

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