The New Crown of Creation. A poem by Esther Murbach

Humans –
the ‘Crown of Creation’?

Let me ask you –
their Creator
what did he think he was doing?

His supposedly ultimate accomplishment
humanity –
why is it called ‘Crown’?

‘Corona’ to the old Romans
synonym to halo

The Big Creator
said to be holy
still sired a son with a human woman
both often depicted with coronas
around their heads

Holy halo!

How come
a holy power
allegedly almighty
creates creatures
who in turn create their own petty crowns
placing them on their bellwethers’ heads
thus giving these animals power
to wage deadly wars
against fellow animals?

It seems the Creator
has been subject to trial and error
now tries to change his default
by creating a new corona
a tiny device
designed to delete defective software

Is this his new ‘Crown of Creation’?

Unholy corona!

But the outdated pac-men
are fighting back
working on debugging programmes
to reinstall themselves

Who is going to win?
Cosmic bookies are taking bets


Esther Murbach is a journalist, translator and free lance author who lives in Basel and Galway. She writes fiction and poetry in German and English, has nine books published in Switzerland, one poetry collection in Ireland. Publication of short fiction and poetry in magazines: The Basel Journal, The Galway Review, The Galway Review Printed Edition, The Galway Advertiser, Crannóg, The High Window, Boyne Berries. Visit her website here.

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