The Money Addict. A poem by Catherine Munson

You do know that money
Is something that humans create- –
It’s like a car, a bicycle, or concrete.

It is not the moon shining
At its reflection in the sea.
It is not nectar of flower
Or hum of the bee.

It is not thunder or flood
Not storm, wind, or water
Not air, fire, or wood.

God didn’t make it
It ain’t always good.

It just states the human-made
Status of some-
Whereas for others
It’s just a scrum.

It is not a sunrise nor a sunset.
It is not the lover you can never forget.
It is not the softness of a baby’s cheek-

When a baby nurses
There is no receipt.


I am a harem-scaram sort of gal, finding her way with words and paper. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn.

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