The Joys of Shopping. A journal entry by Michele Long

Journal Entry – 18 July 2020

I have not gone anywhere for the past three months except my local Dunnes Stores.
Restrictions are now eased, so I go to my local shopping centre, wearing my mask, of course.
I want to collect my boots that I left in to be heeled before lockdown. But the shop is now closed permanently. I take a note of the telephone number and hope that I may be able to retrieve my beloved boots somehow.
Then I risk all and go into a coffee shop where I have a cappuccino and a rhubarb tart INSIDE.
It seems like a complete act of recklessness. But oh.. so enjoyable.
I sanitize my hands as I leave and head to another shop. The lady asks me to sanitize my hands before entering. “I just did” I reply “Sorry it’s procedure” she says.
I feel angry, outraged. But I take a deep breath and remember that she is only doing her job.
The Joys of Shopping.
I am glad to return home.

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  1. I will too…. thank you for sharing

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