The Heard, Let it go and Choose a Life. Poetry by Darren Hood

The Heard

From the mountain to the sea
I am you and you are me
I daren’t consider the current decline in this old world of thine
From kiss of love to kiss of death
Hearts breaking to the final breath
Around the world, tears to the ground
do abound

Think of those in pain, now in relief
Those left behind, in throes of grief
Please don’t herd us like cattle
To the bloody awful death rattle
Words like herd immunity
Can only bring out mutiny

Reach out tree and branch
Lead your cattle to the ranch
The answer lies in agreed unity
An all inclusive heard community

Let it go

Let it all out
You scream, you shout
Show and tell
Remember fondly those who have fell

Those remaining owe it to us all
To try and have a ball
Please say and tell
And have a yell
From short hellos to long good-byes
Be sure to stare into those once blue eyes

It’s never too late
Let’s just communicate
The sun will arise and you’ll get your chance
To enjoy the ballet of life, so let’s dance
In this life, if there has to be tears
There must be time to swing from the chandeliers

Choose a Life

Choose me if it has to be
Cannot express my empathy
Sorrow and grief
Where is the relief ?
The closer you touch those around
My tears they do abound
I don’t know what to offer
What do the good books proffer?
Choose me if it has to be

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