The Future is in Our Hands by Muireann Farrell

The world is changing in a way we have never seen it before. As my mother said in a harrowing depiction to me; The world will never be the same again. But, we both deciphered this message in a way that meant more good will be borne than evil, more nature will conquer than consumerism or materialism. The way in which we live our lives will be brought into question. It is not a mere virus that is the problem, but rather our mindset in dealing with and overcoming it.

Our grandparents were called to war. Most of us are being called to evacuate the war. Older generations fought on with the burden of huge mental health woes on their shoulders, not even aware of it, and not having any resources to deal with it. Yet, if we are privileged enough to live in a developed country we often don’t appreciate the fortunate world we live in that can help aid us in all our necessities, whatever the war.⁣

From the beginning of time, species have evolved, gone through natural selection processes, and natural extinction. Humans have escaped these processes for many years, their advanced medicine always at the forefront of them, the world becoming increasingly overpopulated. All the while, humankind have continued to destroy the earth, which has given to us bountifully. Yet nature has been pushed beyond its limit with our unmerciful concept of taking, and strives to set things back in alignment. ⁣

This is not an apocalypse. It is an awakening for humankind. The future is in our hands.⁣

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