The End of Days. A poem by Malachi Kelly

The end of Days
For Granny’s hugs
And Grandad’s raspy kisses.
No more their love that wrapped us in
A cocoon of warmth and wishes

The end of Days
For hearing stories
Of parents childhood times
For meals without vegetables
And a clock that actually chimes

The end of Days
For skipping up
Their path of flowers and gnomes.
No more will we go bursting in
And shouting “Hello, I’m home”

The end of Days
For waving through
A glass of triple glaze
For mouthing words ‘I love you’
To eyes in teary haze.

The end of Days
For distant chatting
By Skype, Zoom or phone
As a static viewing webcam
Shows them laid to rest alone.

Malachi Kelly
May 1st 2020

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