The Day We Come Together. A poem by Aislinn Dempsey

The day we come together,
we’ll be happier for sure,
than if this never happened,
and we lived our lives as per.
The day we come together,
we’ll be grateful for it all.
We’ll know what’s now important,
even though it once seemed small.

Nights out will feel much longer,
and we’ll never get last bus.
Nights in have been perfected,
so we’ll host more than just us.
We’ll always know to listen,
and our screens can be unplugged.
Social media entertains us,
but it can’t give us a hug.

We’ll know our families better,
than we thought we did before.
Maybe we’ll even choose,
to spend Saturday with them more.
We’ll wonder why we stayed home,
when we had a place to be.
I’ll show up for all your birthdays,
and you’ll all show up for me.

We’ll stop and look around us,
and won’t be in such a rush,
and for all the friends we miss now,
we’ll make sure to keep in touch.
We won’t waste time not laughing,
because we can’t predict what’s next.
We’ll all talk face to face again,
instead of a quick text.

Covid has not been kind to us,
by keeping us apart,
but it taught us to appreciate,
what we’ve had from the start.



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