The Day the World Stood Still. A poem by Alexsandra Blagojevic

The day the World stood still, was a day no one saw coming.
It crept up gradually, like day turning to night but once it arrived, no one could deny it.
There was a silence and a stillness in the air that many had never experienced and the ones who had, only then, recalled the distant memory.

Unbeknownst to them, the people of the land had been fooled for a long time.
Even though the Sun still rose and set as it always had, the clocks were incrementally sped up and the Planet they lived on started to spin faster and faster.
The common remark of the day that time was speeding up was always shared, but ultimately dismissed.
Logic had long ago tainted their instinct.

The day the World stood still, was a day the people let out a collective sigh and their anxiety started to naturally dissipate.
As if waking from a nightmare, their swirling thoughts settled and their blurred vision began to clear.
They saw each other for the first time and they smiled.

What was truly beautiful and what truly mattered became apparent as the false fell away.
Too long they had been slaves to the God of Greed, selling their souls for gold, polluting the Heaven they lived in.
They had lost their ancient ways, mistaking poison for medicine, throwing virtue out for sin.
All of this, made possible simply by the blur of speed.

The day the World stood still, is a day I pray we never forget, for too many lives would be lost in vain.


Alexsandra is a an amateur poet with a background in singing and songwriting. She is based in a tropical town on the East Coast of Australia. Say hello on twitter.

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