The Covid Mantra. A poem by Tess Larkin

Today the magnitude of COVID_19 Has dawned
It’s as if my umbilical cord Has been resurrected, reattached
And then hijacked by Covid 19.
The virus can saturate, strangulate our Lungs.
The only defense mechanism is
Keep your distance
Wear the mask
Wash your hands
And become a slave
To conquer COVID_19.
The virus holds us all captive
The virus can contaminate
Our thoughts, words, moods and deeds
As we obsess our survival needs.
The virus globally has interrupted
The activities of daily living As we unite and resite
The Mantra Globally
Keep your distance
Wear the mask
Wash the hands
And pray for the Vaccine To conquer COVID_19

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  1. Indeed, brother!

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