Sunrise Walk. A poem by Eve Redmond

I am awake it’s 6am
No alarm for weeks
I get up to take a pee
Lights on, no teenager
A note saying she is going to see the sunrise
Where, who with, I immediately panic
I turn my phone on and she has texted me the same message
I call her, she is calm and mature and says you can check where I am on the app
I say shall I come and meet you
She says no I am on my way back
I hang up and realise she’s nearly grown
Mature before her years
I put the kettle on waiting for her return
I hear her, relieved she’s home safe
It’s not just a corona relief hug
I relax make her some breakfast, a load of white toast and jam
We chat as normal inside I am calm


Eve Redmond is a jeweller & lecturer based in Manchester. instragram :redmondevejewellery

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