Stand Up. Stay Apart. A poem by Kevin Daly

How long ago it seems now
The hugs kisses handshakes
Best wishes for new year
That last night of december
Now that march is here

Like actors
in a science fiction movie
We find ourselves
in a, different world
No trailer, which plot
2020-has unfurled

Pandenmic virus covid
Words ive seldom used
Ones I now detest
Lives taken from loving families
Numbers rising
news depressed

World in chaos.
stars watching
Twinkling in the night sky
Im waiting for an answer
Why oh. why

Questions that i ask myself
of governments and men
If they had the chance to change
Would they do it all again

Spend money on the props of war
To destroy their fellow man
While research
science and medicine
Are left to little plan

our own worst enemy
with ignorance and greed
Now faced with an invisible enemy
IT matters little
Race or creed

Overnight our lives have changed
Our human touch must cease
And stay apart we must and should
To conquer this disease
The vulnerable we must protect
The doctors nurses medics too
Who give so much to help so many

To save more lives, it’s up to you

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