Spot Prize by Mary Carty

Amazon won’t donate a spot prize

or fix your puncture on a windy wet Tuesday in November
by the side of the road

Add an extra pack of biscuits to your shopping order because your 5 year old loves Hob Nobs

Amazon won’t line the pitch the night before the big match after a long day at the office and a coaching session with the under 15s

Amazon won’t rewire the dusty fuse box before curtain up
or fix your wedding shoes and refuse a dime

Amazon won’t give you luck penny when you buy your first car

They won’t mow your lawn every Sunday when your twins come early

or call on your elderly parents and leave cake for tea

Amazon won’t beam with pride when you pull on the club jersey, pat your back and offer words of encouragement even in defeat

Remember the prize

It is all of us


  1. Well said, Mary. On the other hand they did deliver a box of books from a thoughtful nephew during Lockdown, though perhaps Easons would have done the same but not as fast as Amazon Prime! But nothing like browsing the books myself in my favourite bookshop or turning over titles in the library. As for changing the tyre, wiring the fuse, baking the cake, lining the pitch-I love your images, so local, so comforting and so true!

    1. Thank you Marie. I was thinking of all the unsung heroes who keep us all going. If we loose our local shops, we will loose so much. I was raised by a mighty village. Happy to give back.

  2. Wise words !

    1. Thanks a million Valerie.

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