sounds. A poem by christine brooks

a basketball bouncing
a child laughing
from the yard behind my own
neighbors I have never met

a visiting nurse pulls into the drive across the street, to care for a man who had a stroke 6 months ago
I wonder if he knows of the virus or that we are all home now

sirens, racing to
who though
& why
someone else I don’t know
in need of rescue

birds chirping
not altogether unaware
that life has changed
for us all

bamboo wind chimes
or maybe themselves
but now
I can hear them

a small voice from a second floor window shouts to me

I reply squinting to see the small boy in red pajamas waving to me
from across the street

would you like to see my puppy?

well yes, I would love to see your puppy.

here he is
he says holding up his small
we can’t come out because I’m sick but
do you think I could say hello to you again tomorrow?

yes, I say
I will be listening



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