Sola. a poem by Pauline Flynn

When Facebook friends ask me to post a picture of the sea
I go to the water, untie my boat, and row into the swell.

A halo of sunshine glints the edge of a black cloud on the horizon,
a flock of white geese shoot skywards.

I row parallel to the mainland, past the town’s harbour, towards
the sound of a fog horn in the distance.

Homebound, I hug the water’s edge, rocked by the neap tide,
come in smoothly to the quiet of my island.

Pauline Flynn is a Visual Artist/Poet. She lives in West Wicklow. She has an MA in Creative Writing from UCD, and was shortlisted for the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award in 2010. Her work is published in poetry journals including Light, a journal of poetry and photography (USA), Orbis 81, and The Blue Nib (UK), Skylight 47, The Boyne Berries, and Sixteen.

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