Smile, a poem by Emily Shaw

A world where hugs and kisses are now seen as weapons
A time when illness spreads in a matter of seconds

Knowing that not visiting them is a sign of love
Laying our hope for a better future in God up above

Getting dressed and motivated to simply stay at home
With no freedom and space or places to roam

I always keep in mind that things could be worse
But it’s okay right now to know that this hurts

So take time away from the news and this struggle
And create time for yourself in your own little bubble

There are so many rules we are faced with today
About touching and nearing and staying away

But there’s one thing allowed that people haven’t done in a while
That’s sit back , relax and just let out a smile

So think back to a time of joy and bliss
Because right now only YOU can decide your happiness


Bio & Link
I am 15 years old. I love writing all kinds of poems and stories. I also love to perform.

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  1. I really liked this. It rings true and it is a great piece of writing.

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