Small Things Matter by Sharmila Pokharel

In the right side of the kitchen table
The stainless steel glasses
Combination of milk, water, tea seeds
And love
The morning tea awaits me there
AlwaysWith each sip of the tea,
I intake love, peace, and tranquility

Rain droplets sliding in the big window glass
A mild touch of wind from the half-open door

Corona orbits my home each day
The virus tries to knock my door
I haven’t locked the main door yet
Neither I have opened it fully

As the number grows in the graph
It could add me as one plus, one day
I surrendered now,
It’s ok to die happily

Sharmila Pokharel

Sharmila Pokharel is the author of three collections of poetry including My Country in a Foreign Land (co-translated by Alice Major). Sharmila is a co-author of Somnio: The Way We See It, a collection of art and poetry.

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  1. Sharmila why surrender to death that easily? Have faith in science instead!

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