This godforsaken nightmare,
should never have been.
Now I am the catalyst,
The antidotal dream.

Let’s cut the spaghetti,
Mummify the tone.
Terra needs nurturing,
to find her way home.

Kissing the moon,
caressing the sun,
cradling the earth,
for rebirth as one.

The progressive rhythm,
begins to beat.
melodious and mindful,
in the face of defeat.

Sifting the poison,
as weaknesses unfold.
Dispersing the seed,
shattering the mould.

Toiling the archway,
where grey becomes green.
From lice eating maggots,
to strawberries and cream.

The grim battle rages,
amidst a plethoro of pain.
Spore monster’s vanquished,
nineteen dragon’s slain.

You used my obeyance,
rattled my cage.
Again I have saved you,
by turning your page.

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