Sixth April: Essentials. A poem by Claire Cox

The balaclava he’s left behind,
draped over the back of the chair.
A trip to top up on essentials: chips,
pasta, rice – not available before.
I’ve added multivitamins to the list,
just in case. I can’t help but focus on the hotspots:
the front door handle, the detergent bottle
he’ll pick up to wash his hands
when he returns. It’s new, this fretting –
his trip to the supermarket
ramped up; his covert action,
maskless, into hostile territory.
And me, his new military wife,
arms folded, waiting at the door.
Born in Hong Kong, Claire now lives and works in Oxfordshire. She is Associate Editor for ignitionpress, and is currently a part-time practice-based PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London studying poetry and disaster.

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