Shut-In. A poem by Jamie Field

Everyday looks murkier slower perhaps
the traffic is sparse and orderly
the pavements are as logical as maps.It’s sunny and cold and each face a lottery
more like marble than limestone
ancient pale and bright facing obscurity.

Each a silhouette aimless and alone
sentimentalists seeking safety
in the habitual comfort of their phones.

Life is easy, dead, grey, maybe
knowing the Sun will never set
the same way as before the cyclone.

Feel it in the air the oncoming debt
the annoyances becoming mundane
the news and repetition the duet.

Even home is diminished in a way
there’s nothing left to explore
it’s enough for you to miss the rain.

The day returns shorter than before
soon to rise soon to rest
no one to speak no one to speak for.

I acknowledge the day and go inside,
I leave my dreams by the roadside

Poems published in Magma, theNorth, Southbank Poetry. Lives in Blackpool.

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