Reminisce. A poem by Liam McNevin

(Lines to Patrick)

Concerns over a Virus means I must stay alone.
The books given as presents I’m grateful for,
they help pass the time. I have the light on
which makes an empty house more homely.

I’m relaxed and in the moment when first I hear it
soft and steady, like interference on a monitor;
then change to a rhythmic muffled drum-roll.
I dismiss it and carry on reading until the sound
increases issuing an invitation.

And I subordinate, allow my head, fill with it.

This event calls to mind a time at your parents’ house,
the door ajar and the two of us are standing there,
looking out at the teeming rain.


Liam is part of the Tallaght based Virginia House Creative Writers. His Poems have been published in Flare and Boyne Berries 27 &28

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  1. Nice evocative poem Liam.

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