Rectangle Eyes and Does the World Still Exist. Two poems by Kieron P. Baird

Rectangle Eyes

On the now dimly lit mirror surface I see,
you again, ‘old friend’, gazing coldly back at me.
Myself, but not, with judgmental rectangle eyes.
Someone who knows all my weaknesses and my lies.

A reflection captured within a reflection,
a pale image, the self, demanding inspection.
That neutral expression hides the sharpest daggers;
a tongue, in the mind, that cuts so deep, it staggers.

Oh yes, I see you, rectangle eyes, my ‘dear friend’.
When will all the contrasts between me and you end?
Why do you relish in withholding all my strength?
You keep it out of my reach; always at arm’s length.

You’re that ‘thing’ that takes me when I’m at my highest
and drags me down, hard, to my deepening lowest.
You vent bile that would make my worst enemy cringe.
Words that cripple the self and often bruise and singe.

How’s it that you can turn a win into a loss?
Aren’t I suppose to be the one in charge; the boss?
If only I knew how to shift our dynamics
but the human psyche can be like ceramics.

I think I’ll leave the dark thoughts there, for it’s sunrise.
Don’t worry, we’ll surely ‘talk’ soon rectangle eyes.
After all, you aren’t going anywhere…are you?
You will always be me, and I, you; mirror’s view.

Does the World Still Exist?

Does the world outside still exist?
Does the world outside still exist!?
Sometimes I really wonder though,
sometimes I really wonder though…
still the outside world does exist – really?
I wonder sometimes though.

I feel so disconnected now.
I feel so disconnected now.
The news is bleak and depressing…
the news is bleak and depressing.
I feel the news is disconnected,
so bleak and depressing now.

I didn’t know my place before.
I didn’t know my place before…
now I feel more lost than ever.
Now I feel more lost than ever.
My place, now more lost than before;
I feel I didn’t ever know.

The world news does feel so lost now.
More depressing than ever before!
Sometimes though I feel bleak
and still I wonder…
is my place, the outside, disconnected now?
I didn’t know I really exist…


Kieron P. Baird is an aspiring poet and writer, on a personal journey of self-discovery and improved mental well-being. Kieron studied Animal Biology at Edinburgh Napier University (2012) and received a First-Class Honours Degree. He currently resides in Scotland (UK). Personal Facebook:


  1. I empathise completely Kieron with your rectangle eyes. Well put.

    1. Thanks for the comment Marie.

      “Rectangle Eyes” was my favourite of the two.

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