Recess. A poem by Norma MacMaster

I’ve looked for You always and sometimes have met You –
out by the rocks in Stonewall under sheet-billowing skies and seas of daffodils .

and sometimes I’ve met You in churches while kneeling in old brown pews made smooth by ancient petitioning hands;

or by Cavan lakes on close afternoons, where the silly fish rose, making shivery circles and the swans drifted idly by.

But now, I’m reined in by a microbe and it’s You who comes to meet me.
And I meet You between the lines of a poem or in the interceses of prayer—;
in those liminal spaces – not here and not there.

published novel ”Silence under a Stone’ and memoir ‘Over My Shoulder’ I’m of Cavan descent!

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  1. A very moving poem. Thanks, Norma for sharing your feelings during these strangest of times.

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