Re-enter at your own risk. A poem by Karla Freeman

Lockdown started, like a turtle I crawl inside
find a primal “coo coo”, humming I
eat bits of lettuce
rub my tummy
rest on cloudy days

After lockdown, after only
a mirror as my companion,
we have permission to re-enter

I step outside my door on Harty Place
let’s go, let’s get going,
restaurants in Dublin are open

I re-enter, walk streets
meet masked invaders,
road runner gazelles whiz past
Disney store clerk hands me a mask

Yarn store filled with candy-colored wool
Shall I touch, was the last customer sick?
Shopkeeper says these months
gave her time back
Who did she give time to?

Marco, a Brazilian
in the health shop, says he
stopped running the red lights,
Full stop, quite pleased
to please himself

I crochet, put puzzle pieces in a jig saw
Stare in space for hours

Like a turtle, pull my head in
It’s a jungle out there


Karla Freeman is a storyteller, trauma therapist, American expat awaiting starting an MFA in creative writing in September, 2020 in Dublin.

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