Protect and Preserve. A poem by Thomas Fahey

Corona Virus she hasn’t gone
She’s still hanging around
Shes’s already here, far too long
Causing havoc where ever she goes
Watching the world in the throes
PPE, Some for me? Not for me!
Where’s your mask? Please don’t ask!
Do this, Do that, fading fast are the listeners
Make sure you cover up, wash and go
That wan! Corona Virus! She takes no prisoners
She sneaks up on you under cover
Grabs hold of you, then it’s over
The Virus from Planet Cyrus X
She’s a plaque, who doesn’t care about the next
Lockdowns and Turnarounds, Protect and Preserve
Who to thrust? Who to blame? To whom do we serve?
Those who wish to protect, Those who wish to live
Those who fight to protect all human life
No exemptions, No excuses, No passing blame
Don’t bring yourself or your country to shame
A simple task, please do as you’re ask
Please find in your mind the right to preserve all human kind
So do the simple thing, wash and go
Keep well, Don’t let your mind wander too low
Don’t get depressed, avoid the stress
Remember: this will pass like a river flow
Finally, before I cease to end this piece
Please forgive the reference to Corona Virus as ‘She’
For all I know maybe Corona Virus is a ‘He’!

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