Pandemic Unplugged. A poem by Cathal Mac Thréinfhir

Ireland, Pandemic, 2020.
Stock market;
an all-time high,
prices for goods doubled,

Airports open;
people allowed to fly in, from
American States aflame with plague,
from a country that is led by, a
dangerous idiot.

Planes must fly,
profit must be made,
nothing changes.
it seems.


Daily and Nightly,
Heroes, and Heroines,
don PPEs, gloves and masks,
in hospitals, and nursing homes,
across the country,

to attend wards, and
beds of the infected,
to protect and save:
them, and
the rest of us,
from an unrelenting virus,
whose time has come.

Those who sacrifice:

It is right and proper,
that we honour them.

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  1. Beautiful

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