Pand-Aloneum. A poem by Evelyn Casey

The heavens opened and spat
Mist poured for weeks and weeks
Until the world, was washed clean of want and will
All material values known to us was
Destroyed and decayed and we cried.
Droplets drenched every boy and girl and forest
I sat alone, in the roaring quietness
Inside stone walls waiting for the end.
I washed with delves of running water
Thinking, that if we
Stayed isolated forever
Would save ourselves from destruction
become committed to surviving and living alone.
And If those droplets
Were money and more money
Until humankind was drenched in luxury.
Riches pouring over us like salty, white horses
Overcome us with petals of gold and all treasures we desired.
Nothing would change
We’d be saved from poverty and kindness
We’d drink the mist of richness
And each lavish in our own, bubble of no desire
We would lose our worth and inhale greediness and want
Drink wine and eat from the fatted calf
With no need to share or want or give
Become indifferent and stay


Spent years in Germany. Started witting poetry in 2009 when I returned. Have been published in anthologies, an have my own first publication of poetry and short stories. Title.. NOT my Life Story. Have been a guest reader at many poetry sessions. I live in Limerick.


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