Our Table (BC19). A poem by Patricia Doran

Come, gather round our table
Welcome, we have prepared a feast
To honour you who travelled
West, from the far Antipodes.
We want to hear of your journey,
Glad you made your way with ease.

Come, gather round our table
Friend and kin, old and young
We won’t hold a formal grace,
Instead we’ll hug with kisses,
Let us laugh and embrace
Our tribe, from the far Antipodes.

Come, gather round our table,
Let us renew our relations.
Raise your glass for a toast
To the younger generation
Meeting for the first time
Our crowd, in the northern hemisphere.

Come, gather round our table,
There is plenty to enjoy,
Your glass, it can’t be empty,
Have a second helping,
Don’t be shy, sharing is a blessing
With clan, from the southern hemisphere.

Come, gather round out table,
It has been such a pleasure.
Indeed it was no trouble
To meet and greet our cousins,
Not the least aggravation.
Perhaps it will be aeons
Until the next vacation
With family, from the far Antipodes.

(Dedicated to extended families everywhere, immigrants, emigrants and all those whose milestone celebrations were deferred, postponed or cancelled.)


Patricia Doran writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction. She performs spoken word and writes in eternal hope that performance will be possible again in the not too distant future.


  1. Brilliant – captures the essence so well

  2. Lovely poem that struck a chord with me. During this time my daughter’s wedding was cancelled. As she lives in Australia and was getting married at home in Ireland it was disappointing on a number of levels as well as her cancelled 30th birthday party which I should have been at in Australia. Also my son broke his ankle and we are now on our way to the mater for surgery. But the family and friend rallied round, with invisible hugs and love, texting, ringing, sending birthday cards to Australia. I never felt more people at my table and the poem reflects that. We can still connect, and keep connected and even become more connected if we make the effort. A valuable lesson.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, strangers and family

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