Oh my nerves. A poem by Caroline Stevens-Taylor

I got up at my leisure today
Just after 9.00 a.m, a lay in for me
Well, nothing really to rush to get up for
Himself not feeling well, was already up and watching t.v
Not the usual turn of events
T’was an abscess on his tooth that got him up,
I had an abscess before, I know that pain
Nerve pain, unbearable at times
Oh my nerves
I would often hear people say that
A metaphor for some sort of distress
These are distressing times
I called to see the old folk, both over 75 they are
Cocooning, supposedly
Both in bad health, both with bad lungs
‘my hands are sore from washing them’ my dad says
‘so put oil or cream on them, but keep washing them, and stay in’
I tell him, I have to, he’s like a child
He wants to go out
Oh my nerves, he says
I leave him some fags
I know, he has bad lungs
He started smoking when he was 5
I kid you not
He would surely die if he stopped now
Oh my nerves
‘just ring if you need something, stay in’
I tell him firmly, handing him the people newspaper
Temporary morgue at Johnstown Castle
‘unless you want to go there’
Oh my nerves, he says
‘or I will end up there’, mother says ‘If he doesn’t stay in’
He tips his head towards the heavens and gives a tut
I warn him again, it’s not a joke, it is real
Like a child he thinks he’s invincible
He might be
but others are not
Oh my nerves
I’ll see you later, ring if you need anything
But just stay in!


I am a 55 year old female and like to write about anything and everything. It may be a poem, a blog or something from a prompt. I just like to write. Here is my blog.

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