No Bother Not To See. A poem by Thomas Fahey

They are those who live in the bubble
See life as a picture of pleasantness
Live from day to day in perfect bliss
To them, life is as sweet as the honey bee
Minor toils and troubles are met with geniality
Major difficulties produces bubbles of irritability
Like the pandemic that is now generic
They are apathetic with this endemic
To them, it’s no bother not to see
The compliance expected from everyone
Behavioral issues, are not Their issues
Bemoaning their everyday disruption
Ignoring the plight of this modern eruption
Death and illness is not their concern
Sad times does not come into their equation
The endeavors of those who care, they ignore
The plight of those fighting, they don’t care
To them, it’s no bother not to see
You feel like grabbing them, and shaking them
Telling them to wake up, or they’ll end up
In the ground, six feet under, looking up
You want to tell them, “Listen here,
You need to adhere, think of another
Or you too, will end up as A. N. Other
Show some concern, show compassion
Have a heart, for Doctor Tony Holohan
For him, Now that would be a start
To them, It’s time to bother, to see.


Retired Soldier.

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