Never Forget Your Privilege. A poem by Pauline Sewards

it gives you lungfuls of clean air
a wage
a Citrix Connection
a cheap, fiddly work phone to moan about
more birds than you can name
posing cute as bread inside half coconut shells that you had time to dangle from shrubbery
two pairs of yellow rubber-gloves hanging
from the washing carousel
because these days you can’t stop cleaning
a swamp of anxiety your stomach lurches into
and your mind freebases over like frantic mist

once your only worry was using too many cliches
now you are painting a life
dipping into the colours of all the cities
you have ever lived in
when tactile as cats
you hugged your friends
soaked up shades of mauve and autumn
everything that happened feels like fiction but you were part of the story
never forget your privilege.

Bio & Link
Pauline Sewards is currently lives on the east coast. Her second poetry book Spirograph is being published by Burning Eye Books later this year.


  1. Great imagery, thanks.

    1. Thanks so much Geraldine

  2. Great poem Pauline, says so much about now.

  3. Genius

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